LETTER: Disgusted that food waste collection scrapped

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i’m writing to discuss my absolute outrage with Pendle Council for taking off the food waste collection.

I talk to the bin lads and they know more than they let on. The food waste collection is coming off because it has been poorly managed, wrong areas have been trialled, and it doesn’t cost as much as the paper suggests.

This is how ridiculous it is. When the food waste wagon has finished its round, it goes to collect cardboard skips. You might think “Fine, that’s normal,” but there are food skips at almost every place/business and schools they go to that they get told not to take.

Instead, a regular general waste bin wagon comes to collect them along with the general waste skips and then they get taken to landfill! These schools, etc. are paying for food skips and general waste skips separately, but it’s all being taken as one and dumped, never to be recycled. Absolutely pointless.

Money is tight in some places and it’s just being wasted. If the council expanded food waste so everyone had the opportunity to do it, more people would do it so land-fill costs would go down because it’s cheaper to tip food waste. Then eventually the council would save money! Isn’t this why councils have people to come up with this sort of information and get paid £60,000 a year?


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