LETTER: Disgusted at amount of dog fouling

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I HAVE walked along Coates Avenue in Barnoldswick and am absolutely disgusted at the amount of dog dirt on the verges of the road.

I have spoken to the dog warden some time ago about this – it was particularly bad last year – and while I appreciate he cannot sit and wait for people to come along to see who is cleaning up after their dog, I feel it is time something was done – e.g. a temporary CCTV camera, perhaps.

There are dog bins opposite the junction with Meadow Way and just before the bridge so there is no excuse for people not to clean up after their dog – they do not have to carry it very far.

If people are not going to act responsibly they should not have dogs as they obviously have no concern for other people who walk along the road, especially children who often look over the wall at the ducks and the boats moored on the canal.

I have written to the environmental health department and sent them photos of the dog fouling. I only hope this will have some effect.


Meadow Way, Barnoldswick