LETTER: Disappointed in Burnley MP

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IN your edition of October 28th, you printed a letter from myself headed “Gizza job”, regarding a comment by Burnley MP Gordon Birtwistle regarding a lack of qualified workers in the area.

I would like to express my deep disappointment that I have had no contact from him, although I emailed him direct and received a reply from his assistant the same day stating he “had received my email and will respond in full very soon.”

That was over two weeks ago and to date he has not responded. This gentleman was elected by us, to serve us and yet he makes comments that when challenged, refuses to comment upon or stand by, just ignoring our requests for an explanation.

Furthermore in the same article, Mr Birtwistle made the statements, Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson seemed to agree with Mr Birtwistle. So I would like to extend my challenge to Mr Stephenson in the hope that he, unlike his counterpart, may stand by his comments and assist me in this matter.


Every Street, Brierfield