LETTER: Cycle lane explains why country is in dire straits

REFERRING to the letter in the Express dated April 22nd from Jan Atkinson, I think most reasonable people now accept the inference in the letter that vast sums of money were wasted by the Blair/Brown administration, particularly in education and the health service.

Also it is clear, and has been for some time, that the present level of public sector pensions is unsustainable, no matter how deep the trade unions bury their head in the sand.

However, waste is still going on and you have to look no further than Padiham Road in Burnley. Here, between All Saints’ Church and Lakeland Way, a small army of men and machines have for weeks been excavating the road. Why have they been doing this?

They are apparently making – wait for it – a cycle lane!This is a really classic example of “you couldn’t make it up”. Another example of how taxpayers money (yours and mine) is wasted and why the country is in such dire financial straits.