LETTER: Cut the cash for paper shufflers, not essential services

When I hear of essential front line services being cut it really saddens me, with cuts to the salaries of non-essential self-justifying paper shufflers there would not be the need for any redundancies at all!

In 2008-2009 Burnley’s Chief Exec (Steve Rumbelow) received over £115,000 of our money. This is scandalous. Poorly paid essential carers will be made redundant in order to continue paying salaries like this. Any council employee on over the national average wage of £25,000 needs a substantial pay cut between 25 and 50%. Burnley’s private sector has had to suffer (I have seen my salary drop more than 50% through no fault of my own) so what makes the non-jobs within the council so special that they think they are above these cuts?

We pay their wages so it is only right we decide what they are worth, if they are not willing to be accountable then we should all stop paying our business rates and council tax. Let us decide what they receive and if they don’t like it they are free to seek employment within the real world.

Cut the top brass’s salaries not things like libraries, swimming pools etc.