LETTER: ‘Cinderella cancer’ is in the public eye

Thank you for publishing last week’s letter from Bill Bailey publicising the campaign to raise the profile of and research funds for the “cinderella cancer”.

Prostate cancer receives less funding and publicity than many cancers which kill far fewer people. In August 2011 you printed my own experiences of the disease, following which several men told me they had a PSA check and TWO had positives needing further investigation. Last week I attended a routine follow-up at Christie Hospital and my consultant told me the difference the campaign is making and about several new lines of research. These include genetic markers which may result in a more accurate screening test.

Treatment is very successful if given early in the disease and is getting better. Because it is a slowly progressive cancer in most cases research studies often take up to 15 years so data is old when published, and the outlook is probably better than we know. So come on you men over 55 – go and get checked, particularly if you have a family history.