LETTER: ‘Chuggers’ are driving me mad

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AM I the only Burnley shopper/worker to be fed up to the back teeth of the so-called charity representatives who seem to have taken over the town centre?

I am informed that the common term for these collectors is ‘Chuggers’. The ‘Ch’ obviously stands for charity, the latter part I leave you to draw your own interpretation.

Apparently, these over-enthusiastic young people are operating within the law of the land. But I, and I guess many other town centre users, are sick to the back teeth of having to dodge a never-ending barrage of smiles, greetings and guilt trips as we make our way through the centre.

I already contribute to several charities every month and want to enjoy my daily lunch break without this constant hassle.

I feel more like a downhill slalom skier as I dodge and weave my way along the pedestrianised area avoiding their cheesy grins.

Please leave me alone in future. I would be interested to read of what other Express readers think.