LETTER: Christians at St Paul’s should object to injustice

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I WRITE in response to recent events at St Paul’s Cathedral. I was delighted to see the Bishop of the Blackburn Diocese come out in support of the peaceful protest outside this incredible building.

I believe it is the duty of Christians to defend just and good causes. I was, however, disappointed it took intervention from the Archbishop of Canterbury to halt the proposed evictions as I believe it is right and correct as a Christian to support any evidence of moral injustice and social immorality. As disciples of Christ I feel this is where Christians should be in “the thick of it” and intervening when corporate greed and financial mis-management of the world economy is as apparent as it is today.

While the debate within the church of England about female ordination, women bishops and gay marriage are matters that need resolving, I can not help feeling they get in the way of our duty as Christians to stand against deplorable issues which affect the future of present and future generations. This is where Christians should be arguing and debating, with the people, for the people.

I encourage not only Christians, but people of any faith and none to support these articulate and courteous protesters as they stand up peacefully for something that really, really matters.