LETTER: Burnley General Hospital disgrace

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IN regards to the recent articles about the disgraceful incident involving an 81-year-old lady, who fell in the grounds of the Burnley General Hospital, I find it inexcusable that no-one in that department helped the lady in distress.

it inexcusable that no-one in that dept. helped the lady in distress.

To say that a doctor was needed to examine this lady was a bleak excuse and if this is a sample of the “procedure”, which must be maintained, then to me this could have been a life or death situation to leave this lady on the ground which was wet till an ambulance was called for, which by the way, had to come from Altham where there is an ambulance station in Burnley.

Having said this, the urgent care unit was only 300 yards from the incident. Why couldn’t someone from that department be called out to attend to the lady?

Not only this but the ladies’ granddaughter, who was in the late stages of pregancy, must have had a traumatic experience which would not have done her any good either.

Finally, when the lady did reach the urgent care unit, there did not seem to be any signs of urgency at all and the lady was kept waiting for hours in wet clothing.

I have the utmost sympathy for this lady and also for her grandaughter for the traumatic experience they both went through and I hope that they both recover soon.

No-one seems to care these days about helping people in distress. It all boils down to “procedures” etc and no-one dares to make decisions by themselves.

Let’s have some more people fully trained, including doctors so that this situation cannot happen again.