LETTER: Burnley car parks’ evening charges baffle me

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I SOMETIMES find the council’s decisions baffling.

As covered extensively in your paper the council has now decided to extend the charging hours on their town centre car parks.

I read in the committee report that presented the proposal to the council that they believed the change would generate a modest increase in revenue to the council. As many other people have already stated, it is likely to have a negative impact on other businesses in the town centre.

Therefore, to see what they meant by a modest increase, I made a freedom of information request to see their calculation of the change in income to see how they justified the claim.

I quote from the response I received: “There are no financial projections available as to the potential income gain from evening parking. The reference in the associated report reflects the fact there would be a baseline income, with peaks on evenings when significant events were taking place. It is estimated demand on evenings when Burnley FC plays at home would deliver £1,000 additional income per game.

“It is not possible to make meaningful projections beyond this as the council is not able to control or quantify all the variables including which events might be organised or take place etc. There will be post implementation monitoring of evening parking and the income generated.”

In other words this change is based on nothing more than a guess and a hope they will make enough on match nights to cover their costs but they have not even tried to look at the additional enforcement costs for the other nights and don’t seem to care about the impact on the other town centre businesses.

The council again seems to be acting as though it is a stand alone entity just concerned about itself instead of being a service provider to the people of the borough.