LETTER: Bedroom Tax as flawed as the Poll Tax

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I’m very grateful to Coun. Joe Cooney for his offer of help in getting my facts straight and wonder if he could confirm some Tory policy figures I have been struggling with:

£31m. cut from Lancashire adult care services.

Charges for older people and those with disabilities to attend a day care centre have risen from £5 to £30 a day each. The county Young Persons Revenue Budget has been cut by 50% despite record levels of youth unemployment across Lancashire.

29,000 full-time jobs cut from the NHS since March, 2010, in an attempt to reach the Government’s £20 billion pound saving before 2015.

£3 billion wasted on a top-down NHS reorganisation and £1billion in redundancy payoffs that could have been spent on front line services?

With regard to the “bedroom tax”, my letter was sent in before the Government announced its series of U-turns trying to make this unworkable legislation workable. 

Perhaps I should have waited to see what this week’s Coalition policy is on the matter. The idea is fundamentally flawed in the same way the ridiculous Tory idea “poll tax” was.


Labour Candidate, Pendle Central