LETTER: Backing for ‘green jobs’

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conservative MP Tim Yeo has tabled a series of green jobs amendments to put the target back into the Energy Bill.

He says: “I will not stand by and watch the wrong decisions being made on energy policy.”

Major clean energy companies have said they will withdraw billions of pounds worth of investments in New British jobs and factories unlesss they get the sort of business Tim Yeo’s amendment would certainly offer them. Hundreds of businesses and millions of people are backing it.

I ask people to contact Andrew Stephenson to demand he backs Tim Yeo’s amendments.

This is in the interest of all, not just for themselves but for their children’s future.

Andrew Stephenson has a record of voting along party lines. It will take a considerable amount of public concern and pressure to convince him to vote for the amendments.

Even if people have never contacted their MP before, this is the time to do it. Once this decision is taken, it can either kick start a new green economy and help protect the climate for future generations or condemn them to an unthinkable existence.


Burnley, Pendle and Rossendale Green Party