LETTER: ‘Alternative vote’ system will not work

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IN the MP’s column in the Burnley Express, Gordon Birtwistle’s comments on the referendum spur me to write this letter. Firstly in his support for this legislation is he really happy that the number of MPs is to be reduced by 50? This will mean that Burnley as a constituency will either have around another 10,000 electors added to us or, alternatively, could perhaps be split three ways. Is he happy with that?

The Liberal Democrats want proportional representation (PR) but the alternative vote system is certainly NOT PR. The coalition forces through this legislation for a referendum for a system the Liberal Democrats do not really want yet they will campaign for it while the main Government party will be campaigning against it!

I shall certainly be voting to keep the present “first past the post” system of voting.

The Alternative Vote system, in my view, gives those voting for the losing candidates a second vote as the candidates coming bottom are eliminated and their second choices are then counted. Effectively it allows the minority parties – sometimes the extremists – then to decide who will be our MPs. If the Lib-Dems really believe in proportional representation how can they now go for this?

While the main front page headline on the health service must pose a major question to the Burnley MP. How can a cut of 1,000 workers in our local health service not mean a cut in front line services? A Tory Government propped up by Lib-Dem MPs breaking pledge after pledge and cutting services is not what the people of Burnley voted for last May!