LETTER: All the major political parties have failed us

Our Coalition Government is surely on a collision course with the views and expectations of a majority of the electorate. In fact, I would go further and suggest it is destroying the very foundations of our society and what is left of our sovereignty and democracy.

The news each day brings yet more policies it intends to push through despite being ill-thought out and against much public outcry, in many cases siding with minority groups and demonstrating a lack of common sense.

First was reneging on the promise of a referendum on our EU membership, then the savage cuts to our military along with public sector cuts. Now the radical (disastrous) plans for the NHS.

Then there is the senseless expansion of inefficient wind farms - which puts the price of energy up. Plans to scrap the European Court of Human Rights, which stops us from deporting terrorists and criminals, have been abandoned.

And now it appears to be working against Christian values as well as promoting gay marriages. Families who receive tax credits will lose out, thousands of police officers will lose their jobs. The list is endless and growing.

As well as all of that, it is obsessed with raising yet more taxes from us while handing billions of pounds away in overseas aid and, of course, £50m. a day to the EU.

There is now no difference between Conservative, Liberal Democrat or Labour. They are all out for their own ends, not those who voted for them.

All three parties have continued to fail us, so it is surely time for real change, before it is too late. The future is in your hands, please do not waste it.


North West Chairman, UK Independence Party