LETTER: All religions should be open to question

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We read the front page of last week’s Nelson Leader “100,000 names needed on film petition”.

This amateurish film seemingly has stirred up a heated response, motivating a petition to be drawn up to highlight an offence taken on a religious figure.

While this may or may not be correctly guided, it has to be pointed out all religions are open to ridicule and question in a democratic society, and any religion that sees itself as the “truth” should be more than willing to be open to question to ascertain this truth.

Christianity has been, and is ridiculed frequently, but no one loses their life because of it. This digression leads on to point towards a certain inconsistency. On page seven of the same paper, we read about more sexual abuse of teenage girls.

My question is this: why not use all this outrage against amateur film makers who have a right to make such films and turn it towards this loathsome and heinous “pastime” which damages so badly the image of the very people creating this petition? Rather than throw hostility at those who are exercising their freedom of conscience in film making, and are not physically harming anyone, it would surely be better to motivate those seeking a more morally sound society, where all are free to live without fear of any form of abuse and retribution.


Helmsdale Road, Nelson