LETTER: A statement from UKIP in the Ribble Valley

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Following recent correspondence in the local press, UKIP Ribble Valley wishes to clarify the following:

1. The branch totally disassociates itself from comments made recently by Ron Loebell. Having retired from local politics, Ron is no longer involved in any way with UKIP Ribble Valley or UKIP East Lancashire.

2. Ron was making his comments as an individual and in no way as a spokesperson for UKIP at local or national level. Indeed, those comments run contrary to the outlook of both the Ribble Valley branch and national party.

3. UKIP Ribble Valley is vehemently opposed to homophobia, racism and bigotry of any kind.

SIMON KERINS, Chairman of UKIP Ribble Valley

STEVE RUSH, Chairman of UKIP East Lancashire

KEVIN WALLACE, Secretary of UKIP East Lancashire