LETTER: A dog is for life, not just for Christmas

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COULD I suggest to people wanting a puppy for Christmas that this is not a good time.

There is too much going on a house and a puppy needs time and patience, and, as a result, many are abandoned early in the new year for one reason or another.

A better course of action is to wait until later, and also consider a dog from a shelter. There are many good dogs in need of a loving family through no fault of their own. Some may have belonged to owners who have died, or had to leave their home and cannot take their pet with them.

Another thought to consider is that it is expensive to look after a dog properly; one has to do without many things unless very well off.

Our dog is the 13th rescue dog we have had over the course of our long marriage. One of them was 12, but we gave her more than two good years of life. A dog is not for Christmas, but for life.