LETTER: 1612 on side of Pendle Hill was great

HAVING read with great interest about the 400th anniversary of the Pendle Witches and Lancaster Castle, I thought the 1612 number image on the side of Pendle Hill was really great - both from the history and heritage of Pendle.

I believe tens of thousands saw the spectacle as it was so pronounced on the side of the hill on three few days it was allowed before removal.

However, I was disappointed to hear this historic commemorative display was opposed by certain local councillors, villagers and people in Pendle.

And this was especially disappointing when the work was to be carried out by Philippe Handford and his team of helpers at no cost to the council or anyone else.

Initially, I believe it was approved by the Pendle authority but they required planning permission when there was no time left to get the display approved.

I also believe it was suggested the Health and Safety Executive was to be involved as it was suggested the persons laying the paint or the fleece on such a terrain would have to be tethered to a safety harness, even though it was being laid by volunteers in their own time at no expense to anybody.

The material used was not paint but environmentally friendly protection fleece as used by commercial growers in the UK for protecting crops in the early spring and pegged down with special degradable pegs.

So many thanks to Philippe and company for putting on a once in a lifetime display commemorating a very important historic event in Pendle.

I would also like to thank Alwyne Plunkett of Barrowford for sponsoring the fleece material and pegs for this outstanding display, which without his selection of material and generosity would never have taken place.

I was also very disappointed at certain louts or layabouts that removed the number one from the display after just two days on show. How narrrow-minded and petty folk can be.