Law protects criminals, not victims

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On reading an article about benefit cheat Louise Coulter, I agree totally with what Judge Beverly Lunt said that the judicial system is upside down and only seems to protect the criminals and not the victims – in this case the law-abiding people of the country.

I feel sorry for the judge and other people like her who try their best to uphold the law, but their hands are tied due to the crazy laws that the Sentencing Council are laying down.

I think Brussels are the main instigators of the law and the sooner we are out of the EU the better off we will be. Let’s get back to having our own law so we can deal with these culprits in a proper manner and show the cheats and other law breakers that they cannot and will not get away with it.

As it is, they just laugh at the court and make a fool of the judicial system. Louise Coulter should have all the things taken off her that she has cheated the system out of.

Well done Judge Lunt for speaking out and I hope someone with some sense and backbone does something about it soon.

B. Whittaker

Manchester Road, Burnley