Labour Party votes system needs overhaul

Ballot box
Ballot box

In September, I attended the meeting to choose the Labour Party’s Prospective Parliamentary Candidate.

The person I voted for clearly put the best presentation by a long way and received the most votes.

However, this was a waste of my time as the winner had got lots of postal votes from members who didn’t have to turn up and had apparently been members for just over the required 12 months.

This election had been delayed for several months which enabled all these people to qualify to vote. I’m not sure if anyone has done anything illegal, but it certainly doesn’t seem fair and the system needs to be overhauled by the Labour Party.

Much as I want the Labour Party to win in Pendle, I am reluctant to go out campaigning for Coun. Azhar Ali. I hope the Electoral Commission takes note of the postal vote issue. No doubt these votes will also be used at the General Election.

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