It’s time we all got a liveable wage!

The gap between the rich and poor is increasing
The gap between the rich and poor is increasing

Mr Mann raises some good points about local Government salaries. The sad truth is that senior executives are paid too much and many at the bottom are paid too little.

The minimum wage was a good idea but the living wage is a much better one and we are still far from that target. How is it possible that after Conservative, Labour and Liberal councils we are no closer to a just system of pay?

Well in the first place most councils have been poorly led and the back benches have been full of self-important fools. People without a clue. People who in the past thought tower blocks wonderful, multiculturalism a paradise garden and the demolition of our heritage “progress”. The senior officers of the council run rings round these time-servers whose loyalty is to a party rather than a country or county or community. The senior officers effectively propose whopping pay increases for themselves and then whatever is left - sometimes nothing - has to cover the workers. The councillors vote this through without a whimper. When did you ever hear of a councillor standing up and opposing his party’s whip and denouncing unfair pay awards?

So we have the obscenity of many workers on Lancashire County Council struggling to make ends meet but a dozen officers or so earning more than the Prime Minister for spending all day attending meetings.

The answer is simple - stop voting for the LibLabCon Party. It is really a joke to consider it any other than a cosy club with three parts to it. Get out and vote these people out of office and vote for some new blood. Independents or UKIP would be a good start.

Our democracy is tired and sclerotic. Now has come the time for great change.

If you have the time, get involved and join a party.

Edward Johnson