Important document will shape Pendle

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In your October 10th edition there was a small advert from Pendle Council announcing public consultation on the Pendle Core Strategy, in which it asks: “What is the core strategy?”

It said it was “the most important planning document produced by Pendle Council” and stated it was “your final chance to tell them if they had got things right”.

They have got it right with how important it is, yes, but why was it given only a quarter page and was tucked away on page 17? Also, is six weeks long enough for the people of Pendle to be made aware of and read such an important document? Surely it warrants more publicity than that, maybe front page news, especially when it has cost more than £400,000 to produce.

I think they are far from getting it just right, seen as they have ignored practically all the people of Fence who contacted them objecting to the extension of Lomeshaye Industrial Estate up to the by-pass on green belt land. They seem intent of snatching it from its owner and have included it in the report.

Please give this report the publicity it deserves as it will affect so many people and areas of Pendle.

J. Commons