I wonder who’s praying for me?

Halloween fun
Halloween fun
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It is October – nearly Autumn – but October, month of celebrations.

I hope we oldies are getting in loads of sweets and goodies ready to divide into little bags to hand oiut to the “trick or treaters”. I have not forgotten the delight of more than 30 years ago when our then little people came home to pour out their evening’s gains of sweets an lollipops.

But even greater delight at the clink of hard metallic coins – even at times the thrill of a glistening “gold sovereign” as my old mum used to call the £1 coin. It is also the month of the celebration of All Souls (Halloween). The inevitability of living is dying, but when we pray for the souls of the dead I often wonder why? When I consider the many wondrous people who have departed this life before me, rather I think that their good souls in heaven should pray for us mortals still struggling here on Earth. As St Therese of Lisieux promised: “I shall spend my time in Heaven doing good on Earth”.

Robin Parker,

St Chad’s Avenue, Chatburn