I’ve been hit by the car park barrier

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I’d like to issue a warning to all the visitors to St Peter’s Health Centre, Burnley, when exiting through the main doors.

If you are careless enough to be blinded by the sun, courteous enough to step into the road to allow people to pass, or have impaired eyesight and poor balance, you will be an ideal candidate for falling victim to the descending arm of the car park exit barrier.

When you are dazed and bruised on the ground, you immediately realise you should, in those preceding seconds, have spotted the arm being in a vertical position and not in your immediate eye-line after releasing a car.

So beware, especially the elderly, because until a simple barrier is put into place to prevent people from being able to step off the kerb into the offending area, then it will be deemed ‘your fault’. Don’t expect any feedback, apology, acknowledgement or concern from the relevant parties!

Mrs J. Lister

Riverside Mews