How we tackle residents who leave their bins out

Wheelie bin
Wheelie bin
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I write in response to the letter from V. Williamson about prosecutions for wheeled bins left out on the street after collection day.

V. Williamson is right: it is a problem in Pendle and one we do our best to address. Our Environmental Enforcement Officers raise awareness of the need for residents to take their bins back into their properties, as part of their everyday work.

The prosecution procedure we must follow sees us sending warning letters to residents who we know leave their bins out before we can issue Fixed Penalty Notices. In the majority of cases, people respond to these warnings by taking their bins back into their properties after they have been emptied.

In cases where we do issue FPNs, people often pay these within the time given and without the need for us to take them to court.

David Walker

Waste Services Manager

Pendle Borough Council