Great to see new life at Kay Dee book shop

Shelves of books
Shelves of books

In very recent times I sensed a spirit had gone out of Clitheroe generally, but specifically Moor Lane.

I refer to the demise of the Kay Dee Bookshop. For decades we had taken for granted this haven of charm, with its warm and welcoming embrace of abundant books and stationery requisites.

What had become an accepted and iconic feature of town – the Kay Dee – had succumbed to the more economical “online” ordering. For some time the premises were empty, though its windows were still used to tastefully display pictures of grace. Yet the premises themselves were an empty shell, bereft of their former glory.

Then, like a phoenix ererging from the ashes, a new glory – “Amelia’s Bridal Boutique” – which I presume to mention because the joint proprietoress is “little Kelly Ridgway” – as she was known to me when playing on our estate with our own little children.

So, it is wonderful to witness from the erstwhile games of infants and children now a wonderful display of bridal gowns for those young ladies inspired by a new Spring, and a resurrection of Easter joy of a matrimonial union of love.

Robin Parker,

St Chad’s Avenue, Chatburn