Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival has kick-started town revival

Colne's Rhythm and Blues Festival is a great success
Colne's Rhythm and Blues Festival is a great success
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I am sure that I cannot be the only person who believes that Colne has been kick-started into the town it now is by the excellent Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival.

I was delighted to read, yet again, how well things are going for the burgeoning band of independent retailers in Colne.

But I must admit that I thought the fact that your report failed to mention the Blues Festival was a glaring omission.

Many of these traders have their best weekend, in terms on turnover, when the Blues Festival comes to town.

It doesn’t cost them anything, other than extra work obviously, and must be like having an extra Christmas thrown in to their accounts in the middle of the year.

It is one of the most important visitor attractions for Colne, and the rest of Pendle, and seeing such a busy and successful town while visiting for the Blues must encourage many to come back for more.

I hope that failing to mention the Blues Festival in your report does not mean that we are all starting to take it for granted.

It is a wonderful event that does much to enhance the growing reputation of both Colne and Pendle.

Every shop, bar, restaurant or club that had a great turnover during the festival should be contacting the organisers to say thank you.

And while they are at it, they should be asking what they could do to help ensure it continues for another 25 years.

Billy Williams