Get ready for the police ‘Wacy Races’

Police car
Police car
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Well, fellow Clitheroe and Ribble Valley residents, if a recent newspaper article is to be believed or bears fruit, 999 response to cover our area will emanate from Greenbank police HQ, Blackburn, all in the name of economy.

Judging by the regularity that speeding police cars fly around town and surrounding areas, this extension of “Wacky Races” would add 16-18 miles to the racetrack, and even allowing half of the distance on the journey back to Blackburn to be in cruise mode, it doesn’t make much economic sense to me, especially if this were to occur three-four-five times a day.

So beware, residents in Pendle Road or Whalley Road; these very busy arteries into town may soon have regular reverberations and light shows, all in the name of economy.

For myself, since moving to Clitheroe nearly seven years ago, I’ve used a couple of 999 calls reporting disturbance and brawls locally which, while police attendance was forthcoming, it was after the event so in reality this extra distance will only be a mopping-up exercise instead of a semi-prevention scenario.

I realise “PC Plod” on a bike isn’t the way forward to police Clitheroe and the Ribble Valley as population and buildings continue to expand. I regard the policing of the area as a vital part of the infrastructure as, as such, it should be expanding not regressing in the future.

George Reynolds,

Bonny Grass Terrace, Clitheroe