Faulty machine raises questions

The pay machine wasn't working
The pay machine wasn't working

I have been driving since 1956 and in that time have only once come across a non-working car park ticket machine.

But next to that faulty machine was a man issuing parking tickets, so all was well.

As the Whalley Arms ticket machine malfunctions regularly, it raises questions for the Whalley Arms to answer. Why do they have such a faulty machine? Why, when it is not working, is there nobody to take the parking fee, or why is there no notice to ask drivers to pay in the bar?

If the parking machine is not working, and there is no way to pay the fee, are the car park owners entitled to any more than the exact parking fee payable in the machine (when it is working)? It could be worth taking this to court to see if they are entitled to anything PLUS above the bare fee.

Norman Thorpe,

Mitton Road, Whalley