Energy needs versus our countryside

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So this totally inept government – you know which party/ies it represents – on one hand has allocated £500m. to bury circa 650 pylons situated in green belt/areas of outstanding natural beauty.

Works out at approximately £7.7m. per pylon – yes, I, too, would like the contract. Meanwhile, on the other hand, the good citizens of Wilpshire, in the Ribble Valley, have to view three monstrous wind turbines erected, at least in my eyes, on green belt/an area of outstanding natural beauty. Moreover, these have been constructed under the benefit of government subsidy.

Is it feasible that the inhabitants of Wilpshire could themselves apply for a government subsidy to bury these wind turbines?

It would after all leave sufficient funds to inter the remaining 647 pylons. I know we would lose a smidgin of energy, that is if they ever start to rotate, but personally it is a price I would be more than happy to pay.

Talk about the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. You could not make it up!

Sean Gallagher,

Brockhall Village