Drivers are the hazard not school crossings!

Please slow down at school crossings
Please slow down at school crossings

I would like to reply to the “frustrated road user’s” letter printed last week.

He/she, should be sure of facts, before rushing to the press castigating school crossing patrol officers for not switching off patrol lights. We are not responsible.

This problem with the lights being on is not just in Colne but is all over East Lancashire because of a computer problem in Preston. They have been computer controlled for many months.

All the crossings are advisory speed limits of 20mph. When the lights are flashing, most motorists choose to ignore this safety advice: (A) because they do not see the lights; (B) they are too lazy to remove their foot from accelerator; (C) they are late for wherever they want to be; (D) myriads of other reasons.

“Frustrated motorist” has got it wrong when he states school crossings are a hazard to cars. When did a schoolchild kill a car?

Anyway, thank you for bringing the school crossing speed limit of 20mph to the attention of readers. Just please, slow down for 15 seconds, that’s all it takes. And that’s all we ask. For the children’s sake.

School crossing patrol officer