Don’t let us lose our bus services

Bus timetable
Bus timetable
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Over the past few weeks I have spoken to many people in Barnoldswick who believe our subsidised evening bus service should be saved.

Lancashire County Council is proposing to cut the last service of the day, which will most likely mean the last bus will leave Colne around 9-30pm, and the last bus out of Barnoldswick would be about 10pm. Then, as the contracts come up, all subsidised services in the town will be reviewed.

These subsidised services are important for many groups of people. They are important for young people like myself who spend two hours a day on the bus to the nearest college, and for being able to travel to other local towns like Colne and Burnley to work and socialise.

They are important for the workforce in Barnoldswick. As a heartland of manufacturing within Pendle, many people work shifts. The county council need to recognise this and support people getting to work by public transport.

We are out on a limb and using a taxi would be prohibitive. Barnoldswick must not be cut off from the rest of Pendle; we are part of the borough and everything possible should be done to keep us connected to the rest of the area. The Number 28 service is vital for linking Barnoldswick with the rest of East Lancashire in the evenings.

Having used this service frequently, I don’t believe its use is low. I do believe it is vital for keeping us connected, however, and urge the county council to retain it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Lyle Davy