Don Quixote in reverse

wind farm
wind farm
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Earlier this month, Trawden Parish Councillor Chris Taylor challenged Jon Roche, with a well-presented argument, to come up objectively with any significant community benefits from the DC21 Group’s local plethora of wind turbine planning applications.

If Mr Roche’s letter is in fact his intended reply to Coun. Taylor, then he has offered no significant benefits to the community.

His suggestion that turbine-seeking landowners should perhaps sell their land for housing where no housing would be allowed, his attacks on Neil Schofield’s sound technical input and his suggestion our biased councillors should simply comply with with the planning regulations and thereby approve all these applications, immediately, conjured up in my mind someone who was a Don Quixote in reverse, tilting randomly at everything except the windmills.

Wind turbines are undoubtedly green but so many other factors are rapidly putting ever increasing doubt into whether government money should be put into them onshore.

Sorry Don Roche!

Owen Oliver