Doing our best for Burnley Wood

Burnley Wood Training and Community Centre on Springfield Road.
Burnley Wood Training and Community Centre on Springfield Road.

Following recent letters and articles relating to the provision of community facilities in Burnley Wood, I would like to make the following points in clarification.

As Executive member for community services, I have been involved in dealing with these matters. The decision to build house new houses and demolish Glebe Street Community Centre was made in 2010 by the Lib Dem Executive, which included ward councillor Jeff Sumner.

Contracts were signed based on this, which involved the demolition of Glebe Street and the transfer of facilities to Terracefields. Many residents who have worked hard at Terracefields are upset by this but the time to oppose this was before contracts were signed.

At the time there was considerable opposition from Labour councillors. Had we been in control this decision would not have been made. Unfortunately, then, no account was taken of the strong community opposition and we are now left with a mess left by the Lib Dems.

Breaching this contract now would be highly irresponsible and lead to severe financial pressure for the borough and a loss of reputation.

Coun. Cooper has shown great leadership in honouring these agreements despite a lot of pressure to break them and fully understands the feelings of the community.

Both of us are committed to doing the best for Burnley Wood and have spent a great deal of time liaising with different groups and hope to do the best we can for all community groups in the area.

Coun. Tony Harrison