Dog walkers’ apology

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I would like to reply to “Free Speaker” regarding the dogs/cemetery saga. Of course the person involved is entitled to express their opinion but, as for free speech, I feel that this has been done by proxy.

I did not say that there were not any of the offending piles, I just said I couldn’t find any. Also if the person has spotted anything untoward why not point this out to the guilty party?

As for the sad legacy comment, go back into the archives (1979 maybe?) and has it made Burnley a better place? Perhaps a count could be take of any incidents (with proof of course).

Having said this, my apologies on the of behalf of the dog walkers I know to the man whose wife’s grave was desecrated by unknown persons, there is no excuse for this.

I shall continue to walk my dogs but will keep away from the burial site.

Mr A. Husband

Lawrence Street