Dog mess problem isn’t going away

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In response to my letter re Burnley Cemetery, A. Husband wonders if the problem of dog mess is as bad as I suggested. I would point out there have been a number of new dog signs and notices of prosecution displayed in recent months around the cemetery which indicate there are problems with uncontrolled dogs and dog mess which I have witnessed myself on a number of occasions.

I don’t think Burnley Council would go to the expense of signage and prosecution for the odd one who does not clear up! As for looking for the offending piles, they are long gone, either cleaned up by staff or washed away by the rain but you don’t have to look far for the next lot.

And yes, it’s all been said before and yes the problem is still with us, another complaint of “dog mess on wife’s grave” only last week.

I am not sure what A. Husband meant by being left a sad legacy? The only sad legacy I see is that we still have the same problem now as we did years ago. If we are to leave a lasting legacy it would be to improve and change our bylaws so our parks, cemeteries and recreational spaces are pleasant places to visit, for families to enjoy without having them spoilt by dog mess. Not a lot to ask .

I, unlike A. Husband, express an opinion when I am annoyed. It’s called freedom of speech, the anonymity is because of the subject matter and is self explanatory.

My name and address have been supplied .