Cash for police, not social workers

Community police officers
Community police officers
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I read with interest that the Labour administration at County Hall is seeking to use £3.7m previously earmarked for providing 48 PCSOs across Lancashire, to fund 27 social workers.

Having had some time for this to sink in, it is clearly an ill thought-out policy, which in a time when the council is looking at making over £300m. in cuts over the next four years, it must be asked if this is the best use of public money.

The money to be used was previously earmarked for four PCSOs in each of the 12 boroughs of the county. What the new proposals are suggesting is an early intervention gamble which, if any benefits are shown, will only be seen in Burnley and Preston, both of which being Labour heartlands, a coincidence I think not.

The argument is simply a matter of more front-line policing, not more social workers. We hear all the time from the public they want to see more bobbies on the streets. We have not heard anyone call for more social workers to fight crime.

When the public call for help, they want a police officer to help them, not a social worker to work with the offender.

Christian Wakeford

County Councillor, Pendle West