Burnley Shopmobility appeal for help

shopmobilityscooter. Picture by FRANK REID
shopmobilityscooter. Picture by FRANK REID
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For more than 15 years, Burnley Shopmobility has been faithfully serving the disabled and elderly of Burnley and surrounding areas, however now we are finding times hard.

We have a shortage of able-bodied volunteers and a shortage of funds. Unlike some of the larger charities we do not have a paid fund-raiser nor do we have the appeal, that little tug on the heart strings that gets someone to dig deep into their pocket.

We have been relying on our wonderful members for their support. They do keep us running but we now feel we need extra help.

Some of our scooters need replacing and the building we are in needs major work doing to it. So we are begging Burnley people to come to our aid, please find it in your hearts to just give that little bit more, or if you are a major firm maybe you would like to pay for a scooter for us and have that scooter named for you.

We are afraid that, without your help, we will first have to cut down on the days we open and then eventually close our doors for good.

If you don’t know what we do, why don’t you pop in and see, have a chat with some of the volunteers and learn how just a few people are keeping the elderly and disabled shopping in Burnley. We may be a small charity but we have put all our hearts and souls into the keeping the charity going. Now though we are asking for your help, please don’t let us down.

Mr David Kelly

Burnley Shopmobility