Burnley is the envy of many towns

Photo: David Hurst'Burnley Market Square and Charter Walk Shopping Centre
Photo: David Hurst'Burnley Market Square and Charter Walk Shopping Centre
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“What a very sad man Harry Brooks (without the “e”) must be, to be writing such a malicious letter in the Express about Gordon Birtwistle.

Does the fact Gordon’s company went bankrupt years ago affect his performance as an MP now? The reasons a company goes bankrupt are many and the accounts of the company, which Harry Brooks goes into details about, do not give you reasons, and who is Harry Brooks that he should pass judgement on Gordon for this?

Burnley has its disadvantaged people as every other town and city in the country has, but I know that in Burnley there are a large number of organisations and “drop-ins” which are there to help these people. Also one of Gordon’s attributes is that he is always very accessible and willing to help anyone who contacts him. I think Gordon is a real asset to our town. He, together with the marvellous Burnley Bondholders, the council, this paper, and many others who have worked their “buts off” promoting and working for Burnley, have helped bring in an enormous amount of investment over the past years.

There is no need to list all Burnley’s achievements, as this paper has printed details about them many times. Enough to say Burnley is the envy of very many towns for the progress it has made. I have not always been proud to say I live in Burnley but I am very proud of Burnley now and sing its praises to all and sundry. Harry Brooks to my mind has got the balance of positives and negatives all wrong. I will not be replying if he decides to write another letter, as I think most readers will see his letters for what they are, and not take note of them.”

Dorothy Dawes