Best education is available here in Burnley

Rachel Stracey, Matt Locke, Hayley Johnson, Amy Bryce - Blessed Trinity
Rachel Stracey, Matt Locke, Hayley Johnson, Amy Bryce - Blessed Trinity
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In response to Carol Holden’s letter (Are they worth the cost? October 1st), in which she doubted the value of the new schools in Burnley, I would like to invite Carol to come and look round Blessed Trinity Roman Catholic College.

We enjoyed our best ever GCSE results this year – better even than those of our predecessors St Theodore’s and St Hilda’s.

29 of our students – more than 10% – secured five A*s or As and three of our pupils gained 10 A*s and As while our maths department can boast a 69% pass rate with our sights set on going above 80% in the next three years.

While we are a Catholic school, our doors are open to all students and many of our students are not Catholics. We inspire all our students, both academically and personally, encouraging them to flourish.

We have high expectations for all our students and, to this end, have introduced Express Sets in every year which are designed to stretch our most able pupils. Our Express Sets give students a chance to learn astronomy, Latin and to explore more demanding subjects. We aim to give all our students the best possible chance to succeed and for our most able to aspire to go on to the best universities in the country, such as Oxford and Cambridge.

Our achievements show parents they do not need to go out of Burnley for their children to enjoy the best possible education.

If Carol has any doubts about Blessed Trinity being value for money, we would be delighted to welcome her to our fantastic school. We would be happy to show her round during lesson time where she could experience for herself the high quality of our teaching and the positive behaviour of our pupils.

Mr Richard Varey

Headteacher at Blessed Trinity