An ode to the Stonyhursy student escapees!

Stonyhurst College
Stonyhurst College
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Two sixth form sweethearts precipitated a massive police hunt, pulling off quite an incredible stunt.

Fleeing their school at 3 am, that’s what they did, boarding a taxi to the airport for a hundred quid.

They jetted off to the Caribbean after sneaking out of school, enjoying themselves at a beach resort – really cool!

Their school is absolutely buzzing due to their dramatic escape, to their friends they are legends while enjoying their break.

Parents sick with worry as the police the pair elude, their mobiles switched off in their efforts to seclude.

Decisions for sounder security will be a conversation for another day, to find them is the main priority we all pray.

News of excellence they have been found! Safely with us, back on homeground.

Adventure over, back to family and friends, their great escape finally ends.

Hugh Davies