Your chance to star in Burnley sit-com alongside ‘Hollyoaks’ star

BUDDING TV stars from Burnley will get the chance to appear in a new sit-com pilot alongside some of the country’s top actors.

Packed with big names such as former “Hollyoaks” and “Casualty” actor James Redmond, Andy Jones, former star of “The Office” Ewen MacIntosh, and Philip Barantini, who appeared in “Band of Brothers”, “Wake Up England” will be shot in Burnley throughout June.

Filming has so far been scheduled for tomorrow, June 10th, 11th and 12th but will continue to the end of the month.

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Co-scriptwriter and comedienne Mel Moon, who lives in Briercliffe with her partner and two children, said she wants people from Burnley to be extras as well as helping with set design. Students will also be given the chance to gain work experience on set.

“I’ve been writing it for 10 years but back then it was a really aggressive satire.

“I knew all of the actors and just asked them if they wanted to have a look at the script. They all liked it and agreed to be in it.

“If this is a success it will change my life. The cast and crew have taken a punt and for that I’m really grateful. I really hope the people of East Lancashire will get behind this. It’s about time we had some good things in Burnley.”

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“Wake Up England” is a satire which tells the story of celebrity couple Dave (James Redmond) and Danni (Mel Moon) whose daytime television show “Wake Up England” was once a national sensation with advertisers, the public and TV stations all wanting a slice of the action until their audience turned on them and their ratings sank.

Eight years on the couple find themselves running their own B&B in a quiet northern town and look to reclaim their reputation and their television careers.

The pilot is to be aired in late summer.

People wanting to appear in the programme as extras or behind the scenes or businesses wanting to sponsor the show should email [email protected] today.

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