WORSTHORNE: Ideas needed on how to celebrate Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

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PARISH COUNCIL – The April meeting was attended by Couns A. Lawson, K. Smith, S. Walsh, C. Towneley, County Coun. M. Brindle, PCSO D. Johnson, borough council officers N. Williams (Parks) and L. Watson (Streetscene). Apologies were received from Couns P. Frost-Hardwick, D. Heginbotham, B. Lambert and T. Lambert.

Residents raised issues including: the parking of National Express bus, disconnection of water supply at the allotments, attendance at parish council meetings and damaged trees on the west bank of the River Brun.

Mr Paton of the Bay Horse was given permission to use the village green for celebrations for the Royal Wedding.

Mrs Watson, from the council’s Streetscene department, was asked if a dog waste bin could be installed at the corner of Higgin Street and Ravenoak Lane.

Mr Williams, from the council’s parks department, said he is overseeing the design and creation of the new kickabout area on the recreation ground. The dog walking area is not going ahead.

County Coun. Margaret Brindle said £4m. had been allocated for pothole repairs and Coun. Cosima Towneley said she was collecting ideas on how to mark the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee next year.

Councillors noted a planning application for a two-storey extension at 137 Brownside Road and an update on the memorial bench scheme was given.

POLICE REPORT – PCSO Dave Johnson said 37 incidents were reported in the past four weeks, five of which were crimes. These included two assaults, two vehicle crimes including theft of a milk float and one shoplifting offence. There were also four incidents of anti-social behaviour.

QUIZ NIGHT – A quiz, put together by Paul Jennings, will be held at St John’s Church on Saturday, May 21st,at 7-30 p.m. Tickets are £5 for adults and £2.50 for children including refreshments.

MOTHERS’ UNION – The Mothers’ Union will hold a coffee evening on Tuesday, May 17th, at 7-30 p.m. Admission is £1 including tea, coffee and cakes.

MEN’S GROUP – The May meeting of the Men’s Group will be taken up by the annual meeting followed by a quiz.

CONCERT – The Evening of Brass and Choral Music, organised by the Mayoress’s Committee, will be held on Friday. Stacksteads Brass Band and the Choir of St John’s, Worsthorne, will perform. Tickets are selling fast. They are £6.50 and are available from Jim on 431296.