WORSTHORNE: Holiday cottages plan submitted

COUNCIL – The December meeting of Worsthorne Parish Council was attended by Couns A. Lawson, P. Frost-Hardwick, D. Heginbotham, C. Towneley, K. Smith and PCSO Dave Johnson. Apologies were received from Couns B. Lambert, T. Lambert, S. Walsh and County Coun. M. Brindle. Councillors raised concerns about the lack of grit and salt being put on the roads. The clerk is to contact the highways’ dept. Concerns were raised that the bus route from Pike Hill to Worsthorne was not being kept open and residents were having to walk on dangerous footpaths and roads.

PLANNING - Coun. Heginbotham advised that the borough council would soon be charging for advice given by planning officers to applicants for planning permission. An application has been submitted to fell a tree at Hurstwood Cottage, Hurstwood Lane, within the Conservation Area, due to roots lifting up driveway. This will be investigated. An application for change of use from stables to two holiday lets on land off Red Lees Road had been submitted by Mr Myers who spoke at the meeting. He said the plans had been passed, in principle, by Burnley’s Planning Department and the holiday cottages would produce additional income for the farm. It was resolved to note the application and to request that a gate be erected at the bottom of Buttermere Avenue as a means of deterring holidaymakers from using the avenue. An application for a conservatory at Lower Bottin Cottage, Extwistle Road, was noted.

GRANT - The clerk reported on Burnley Council’s assessment of the Government’s Comprehensive Spending Review and the recommendation the parish annual grant be reduced to £1,000. Re the memorial benches for Hurstwood Green, seven expressions of interest had been received. A copy of the regulations re memorial benches from United Utilities and the Parks Department at Burnley Council will be obtained. It was resolved, due to the current economic climate, not to progress £1,000 public footpath improvements or £650 signage for a Village Trail, as this money may be needed for funding the parish council in 2011/12.

It was noted the following matters had been resolved: Ivy overgrowing the path in Brownside Road; overgrown bushes near the telephone kiosk; Townfield bench. It was agreed that highways be informed that the wall in Brownside Road, opposite the bottom entrance to Lindsay Park, was dangerous.

GRAVEYARD - Coun. Smith reported he had made a graveyard inspection and all memorial stones were firmly fixed in place and everywhere was looking tidy. It was agreed the parish council would apply the same charges as Burnley Council. It was resolved to accept United Utilities offer to replace the wooden bollards around Hurstwood Green. It was noted the bench at Townfield had been replaced.

ST JOHN’S CHURCH – The pattern of services adopted on a trial basis will be discussed at the February meeting of the Parochial Church Council. Parishioners are invited to submit their comments in writing to the Secretary of the PCC (anonymously if preferred) or verbally to the vicar or a member of the PCC. The cash collections and money from the Christmas offering envelopes will be donated to Derian House.

BINGO – On January 15th at 7 p.m there will be a family bingo night with a sandwich supper. Admission is £5 adults and £2.50 children.

BURNS NIGHT – A four-course dinner including haggis and neeps will be served on Saturday, January 29th, followed by Scottish dancing. Sign up on the lounge notice board or ring 454174 to book at £16 per head.

MOTHERS’ UNION – The AGM of St John’s MU will be held on Tuesday, January 18th, at 7-30 p.m.

MEN’S GROUP – The speaker at the January meeting will be Ron Challen who, during the Second World War, worked for British Intelligence at Bletchley Park as a code breaker.

CHOIR – Thanks go to the choir members who organised the well attended and enjoyable New Year’s Eve event.