Worsthorne gang target cancer mum-of-two in her own home

Mrs Eileen Riley who is suffering from cancer who is being terrorised by youngsters.
Mrs Eileen Riley who is suffering from cancer who is being terrorised by youngsters.

A BURNLEY woman recovering from cancer claims a campaign of terror by a gang of yobs is forcing her out of her home.

Mrs Eileen Riley (66) who had surgery in August to remove a tumour, has suffered months of abuse at the hands of youths targeting her house in Worsthorne.

She says the yobs have been throwing missiles at her home, kicking windows and doors, chanting and screaming abuse and intimidating her on the way to the shops.

The mother-of-two, who lives in Brownside Road, claims the gang has targeted other vulnerable people in the village and she is terrified the problems will get worse over Hallowe’en.

Mrs Riley says the onslaught of anti-social behaviour by local youths has made her feel like a prisoner in her own home and she has called for action before she is forced out of the village all together.

She said: “I have never experienced anything like this before in my life. It is like terrorism. It has made my life hell.

“The village is getting like a ghetto because the children are just running amok.

“My neighbours have had the same trouble and nothing gets done. They are ruling the roost. It is ruining people’s lives.

“I will have to leave because they have destroyed my existence here.”

Mrs Riley claims the trouble started on August 16th soon after she had left hospital following a cancer operation.

She claims it started with repeated banging on windows but she says it has escalated into all-out victimisation.

“They have been targeting me. It started with the window and then kicking the front door.

“From then it has been pretty much constant. It can be twice during the week and then all weekend. It is just getting worse and worse

“They have been mocking and chanting. I have had to buy blinds so they can’t see through the window. But now they press their noses against the door so they can see me. It is ‘trick or treat’ season now and there were four of them at the door with scarves over their faces and one had a jacket wrapped round his head like a Taliban warrior.

“I told them to go, so they climbed on the wall and they were chanting and shouting. I phoned my daughter and she could hear them screaming down the phone.”

She added: “It is not just knocking on doors - it is pure intimidation. How long can it continue?”

Sgt Roger Crew, of Burnley Police, said: “We have had very few reports of anti social behaviour in the area but I would urge those people who do have issues to contact us or one of the neighbourhood officers as residents concerns are important to us and we are committed to stamping out any anti social behaviour.”

Anyone experiencing problems can call police on 101.