WORSTHORNE: Anti-social behaviour incidents reported

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PARISH COUNCIL – This month’s meeting was attended by Couns A. Lawson, P. Frost-Hardwick, D. Heginbotham, K. Smith and PCSO D. Johnson. Elected as chairman was Coun. A. Lawson, vice-chairman Coun. P. Frost-Hardwick, allotments and graveyard manager Coun. K. Smith. Apologies were received from Couns B. Lambert, T. Lambert and County Coun. M. Brindle.

Residents said a good job had been done on the wall at Brownside Road but the grassy area on the top and areas of Gorple Road were being littered. The clerk is to ask Streetscene tidy up these areas.

Residents requested an update on traffic management problems in Brownside Road and the clerk is to contact Highways requesting priority signs for uphill traffic to put them on equal legal footing with downhill traffic.

Coun. David Heginbotham reported that potholes in Brownside Road were being filled.

It was agreed the clerk should chase up progress on the following matters: Showfield/cars parking in turnaround area; Worsthorne recreation ground and Methodist graveyard/registration as a Queen Elizabeth II green space; felling of tree at Hurstwood Cottage; and crumbling walls in Brownside Road.

Coun. Smith has carried out his annual inspection and the allotments were tidy and the clerk has ordered a skip from Streetscene.

Parish councillors will review the allotment waiting list and tenancy conditions at the next meeting.

Coun. K. Smith reported the monthly graveyard inspection had taken place and there were no concerns.

QUEEN’S DIAMOND JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS – Discussions about the community orchard project and proposed improvements to the village gateways will be held at the next parish council meeting on June 7th.

POLICE REPORT – PCSO Dave Johnson said 31 incidents had been reported during the past four weeks, of which five were crimes. The crimes included four assaults. Six anti-social behaviour incidents had also taken place.

ST JOHN’S CHURCH – The admission of sidesmen took place during the morning service.

PAROCHIAL CHURCH COUNCIL – The next meeting of the Parochial Church Council will be held on Thursday, at 7-30 p.m. There are vacancies for a council member and deputy church warden. A volunteer is also required as assistant secretary.

SUNDAY SCHOOL – The new Sunday school queen, Sarah Blackson, will be crowned at St John’s Church at 7 p.m. on Friday, June 24th. Walking Day is on Sunday, June 26th, at 1-45 p.m. from Duncan Close finishing with a service in church followed by a barbecue at the vicarage.

WINE CIRCLE – The last meeting of the session before the summer break is on Monday, June 13th. Meetings, which are held in the church rooms at 8 p.m., will resume on Monday, September 5th. New members welcome.