Woman behind Burnley regeneration battle dies

Helen Barry
Helen Barry

A WOMAN who had a vision for a better Burnley and played an integral role in striving for regeneration and improvements as the head of Burnley Action Partnership has died after battling cancer.

Mrs Helen Barry, who lived in Bolton, died last weekend.

From 2003 to 2007, mum-of-three Mrs Barry was the manager of BAP, focusing on the regeneration of Burnley by running projects across town and co-ordinating work between a host of different agencies.

Mr Brian Hobbs, president of Burnley Chamber of Trade and former chairman of BAP, said: “It is very sad news, Helen was a brilliant girl.

“She was very good at her job, frighteningly good at times.

“She was well-respected in all sectors, in the community sector, in the business sector and in the public sector.

“It was a very challenging job because regional government and central government all came into it but she was really good at doing it. She was tenacious, she was very affable and the sort of person you could really get on with.”

Mrs Barry was also a former area co-ordinator with Bolton Council and had worked in public and private sector housing.

Burnley Action Partnership includes representatives from bodies such as Burnley Borough Council, Lancashire County Council, fire, police and probation services as well as voluntary, ethnic and residents’ groups, businesses, Burnley College, Burnley Football Club, Initiative Burnley, landlords and trades unions.

Mr Hobbs added: “She had such a vision for Burnley and did her damnedest to make it happen. I enjoyed working with her.

“I think a lot of people around the town will remember her enthusiasm and hard work but also she was a jolly nice person as well.”