What's the title of Kevin Bacon's new TV show?

Kevin Bacon has said he is enjoying making people say the name of his new Amazon TV series, I Love Dick.

Bacon said: "It's a great title"
Bacon said: "It's a great title"

The Hollywood star, who plays a character called Dick on the show, said he had been asking people to repeat the title for his own amusement.

At the Los Angeles premiere of the comedy series, Bacon said: "It's a great title.

"If I say 'What's the title? What's the name of the show?' You have to say 'I Love Dick'.

Bacon said: "It's a great title"

"That's what's great about it."

I Love Dick is adapted from a 1997 novel by Chris Kraus about a married New York film-maker, played by Kathryn Hahn, who becomes infatuated with a renowned artist named Dick.

Bacon, who has starred in blockbuster films Footloose, Apollo 13 and A Few Good Men, said he agreed to appear in the TV series to work with Jill Soloway, the Emmy-winning creator of Transparent.

"Jill Soloway was coming off Transparent - a fantastic show," he said.

Bacon said: "It's a great title"

"The last thing I'd done on television was an hour drama. It was very, very dark.

"The idea of doing something that was funny, romantic and sexy, a half-hour and on Amazon, was great."

Soloway, who is an executive producer on I Love Dick, said: "I actually thought when we shot the pilot that at some point Amazon was going to come out and say you must change the title.

"People get it. It's about a guy named Dick. It's a great moment for women, for feminists, for bad-asses, to say this is a show about women, this is a show about power, it's called I Love Dick. Investigate if you must."

:: I Love Dick will available to stream on Amazon Prime from May 12.