What’s happening in Worsthorne?

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PARISH COUNCIL – The September meeting was attended by Coun. P. Frost-Hardwick (chairman), parish councillors D. Baldwin, M. Jinkinson, J. Leaver, K. Smith and S. Walsh, borough Coun. A. Newhouse, PCSO Dave Johnson, Steve Watson (clerk) and one resident.

Three residents joined the meeting later. Apologies were received from: County Coun. M. Brindle and Coun. D. Heginbotham.

Coun. Newhouse said a planning application had been submitted for a spiral staircase at the Bay Horse for use as a fire escape, which indicated the upstairs may be being used for public events. Residents raised concerns about the proposal for a wakeboarding system at Rowley Lake, but a planning application has yet to be submitted. The borough council has been doing presentations and has got a lot of people interested. The Friends of Rowley have serious concerns about the proposals including that the facility will only benefit privileged youths. Recent environmental studies have proved the water is now safe to swim in, although there are still concerns, and Coun. Newhouse agreed to check and, if possible, provide a copy of the toxicology report. It was agreed the presentation be given to the parish councillors. The proposal is for a toilet block, storage and clubhouse, this raised questions about septic tanks. It was suggested the Friends express an interest in the application to be consulted when it is submitted.

A tree in Brownside Road shed a branch that nearly hit a resident, United Utilities is to be contacted. The Swindon Shed work by United Utilities is unlikely to be done over winter.

Trees on the village green are getting overgrown, the issue is to be reported to the borough council. The drains in Salterford Lane are blocked, gully emptying is needed in the village.

The allotment wall at the entrance needs to be re-built. The allotment rents are due in February and a new tenant has paid £25 for water. It was noted complaints have been received about rats on the allotments.

It was noted the grass in the graveyard has not been cut all year, it was agreed a letter is sent to the maintenance company to establish how many cuts are expected.

PARISH GATEWAY SIGNS PROJECT – Coun. Jinkinson circulated maps with proposed positions for parish gateway signs. The Salterford Lane sign is being proposed for the bridge. The Brownside sign could be a replacement finger post that has been removed or a stone could be placed on the corner of the grass verge. There were three sites for Swindon Bridge which included the back of the Briercliffe Stone. Costings are to be provided and it was suggested the signs could be sponsored.

ORCHARD PROJECT – The location of the trees was discussed and the proposal updated. Coun. Smith will arrange planting over the next weeks.

POLICE REPORT – PCSO D. Johnson said there had been 24 incidents and six crimes in September including unlicensed motorbikes in Brownside Road and youths on the roof at the school. Crimes included the theft of two mountain bikes and a theft in Buttermere Road, an attempted burglary from a shed in Mayfair Road and a taxi damaged when a stone was thrown. There have been a spate of mountain bike thefts but it is now believed the offender has been caught as there have been no incidents for two weeks. It was noted youths were riding scooters in the square and parents have been told of the problems. PCSO Johnson played CCTV footage to parents to explain the likelihood of an accident.

CONCERT – The Evening of Brass Band Music was a sell-out and raised more than £600 for church funds.

MOTHERS’ UNION – More than 20 members and friends enjoyed Tony Horsfield’s illustrated talk about his visit to New Zealand earlier in the year.

CROOKED BILLET – The pub is holding a Thai night on Saturday, October 27th, with three courses plus a drink for £10. Tickets are limited and the money raised goes to Pendleside Hospice.