Welcome to Pendle Hill ... on the other side of the world

Here are pictures of Pendle Hill Railway Station.

Sunday, 20th September 2015, 4:52 pm
Pendle Hill Station in Australia

Do you think it is in Pendle, Burnley, Ribble Valley or somewhere else around here?

No – it’s in Australia!

Pendle Hill, the town where the station is, is a few miles west of Sydney in New South Wales.

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Pendle Inn in Pendle Hill, Australia.

Railways to and from the city go through there. It has loads of trains going through – both for passengers and freight.

So why is it called Pendle Hill out there?

An American, George Bond who lived from 1876 to 1950, established a cotton spinning mill there in 1923.

Back then, Lancashire was considered the world’s main area for cotton material, so it seems the town out in Australia working in the same way was named due to the lovely hill in the heart of Lancashire!

And the very busy railway station was launched in Pendle Hill in April, 1924.

And when you then go into town you see a sign that says: “Pendle Hill Shopping Centre – Over 50 Specialty Stores”!

Right opposite the station, there is a pub – which is called Pendle Inn, just like the picturesque village pub in Barley just five or so miles from Nelson town centre.

So if you happen to go out to Australia you can get a train and go round Pendle Hill!

It is a surprise to find out our hill is out there, but it is actually quite a flat area.

However, not too far away from there is the lovely Blue Mountains National Park.

Of course, there are many other familiar Pendle names you can find on your travels around the world. It is a real delight to see them.

If you spot one and have your camera or smart-phone handy, who not take a picture,

And then you can email it to me with a few details and we will feature Pendle across the world right here in Pendle’s very own newspaper!

Email me your pictures and a few words to [email protected]